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Linda Armstrong-Miller
Reviews For Blood and Water
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Reviews For Blood and Water

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A Love So Strong.
When Sam Rivers lost his wife, a part of him died with her. After her death, he was never able to love their daughter Lisa as a father should and it has caused a lifelong rift between them. Zach Rivers is the only thing they have in common but he is also a source of conflict. There are secrets and lies surrounding Zach's parentage and as the old adage goes only the truth will set them free.
Lisa has created an unbreakable computer program with Zach's safety in mind. Her program is designed to bring home lost and kidnapped children. With her program, anyone in the world can be located and brought to safety, with the aide of undetectable tracers. The President and the Department of Defense, her employer, have taken an interest in her program. It has also caught the attention of Dustoff, a deranged and twisted man who wants Lisa and her program to help him control world leaders. The program and the bond that she has with Zach will be the key to her safe return.
Linda Armstrong-Miller has penned a phenomenal thriller worthy of the big screen. The description on the back cover of the book does not give the storyline justice. It contains family drama, covert operations and espionage. BLOOD AND WATER has the right mix of action and suspense from beginning to end. There is never a dull moment in the storyline. I eagerly look forward to future works by Mrs Armstrong-Miller.
Reviewed by Aiesha Flowers of the RAWSISTAZ Reviewers 

An Intelligent Thriller With Heart.
Blood and Water is a gripping page-turner with facilitating, well-developed characters and one heck of a wild ending. This author knows how to weave a compelling story filled with characters that you actually care about.

I could describe the plot of Blood and Water as a race against time when Lisa Rivers, a computer genius who has invented a program that could give great power to those who controls it, is kidnapped by a terrorist organization. I could describe it that way, but that would hardly tell the real story. More than anything else, this is a story about family. 
Reviewer  Sarah Mankowski "Word Thunder"

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