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Reviews For Blood and Water

Rush to your bookstore on September 19 and see if you can solve the puzzle found at the beginning of Blood and Water!

A man's word is more important than any of his other passions, for if a man is not true to his word, he can not be true to himself nor to anyone else. That's a lesson Lisa Rivers understands but one her father, Sam Rivers, must learn. Not knowing this lesson has already cost him his daughter's love, and will threaten the love and trust of his son, a dear friend and of the young man he never gave a chance. Along the way to learning this lesson, Sam will have to face his past so that he can understand his future.

Thou shall not lie is one of the ten commandments, yet we are all guilty of telling a lie here and there. Lies hurt even when they are meant to help.
Think about the time (s) you told a lie thinking you were helping the situation, only to find out you made things that much worse. It happens. It happened in Blood and Water 

Order your copy of Blood and Water today!ISBN:1-4137-2928-2

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